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Employment Readiness The Future is in your Hand

The Employment Readiness Program primarily provides assistance to spouses in acquiring skills, networks, and resources that will allow them to participate in the workforce and to develop a career/work plan. Services are free to Spouses, Soldiers, Retirees, Reservists, and relocating DOD civilian personnel.

This service also extends to their family members. Services offered include employment counseling, assistance in job search, and job skills training.

Spouse Education

Spouse Education Military Spouses are the backbone of the military family. Adding to the strength through education will only make the backbone of the military family that much stronger. You have thought about it, dreamed about it, talked it over with your spouse, and have finally made the decision. You are going to school. Whether it's your first time or you are a returning student you might be asking yourself: Where Do I Start? Your installation Education Center should be your first stop for information about local education programs and opportunities. A key factor in successfully completing your educational goals is choosing the right school or program. There are several important questions to consider: Is the school accredited? What kind of organization accredited the school? Will my credits transfer if I move? If you are unsure of an institutions accreditation you can visit to view the schools level(s) of accreditation. If you are taking courses outside of the Unites States visit World Education Services online at for academic credit evaluation of courses taken at colleges or universities outside of the U.S. (excerpt taken from NMFA Military Spouse Education Resource Guide, Second Edition)

MyCAA can provide financial assistance with licenses, certification and education.

Getting a Job in Hawaii

Getting A Job In Hawaii Relocation can be a stressful time in our life but when you add job searching on top of that it can also cause anxiety. The Employment Readiness Program in Hawaii is designed to help alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with job searching. It is important to have a job search plan and part of that plan is understanding the job market in Hawaii, the job opportunities and the resources available to you. The first step in your job search is for you to attend an employment orientation. You will receive information on federal, state, private sector and staffing agencies. Reference materials, job listings, computers, web tours and more will be available for use. You can register using our Class Calendar and look for employment orientations.


Employment workshops are held monthly to enhance your job searching and employment skills. Classes such as Dress for Success, Interviewing, Home-Base Businesses, Career Exploration, Resume Writing, Ten Steps to a Federal Job Process and many more are offered.