Family and MWR Pet Kennel

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The Family & MWR Pet Kennel offers your furry friends a place to stay while you’re away! Our outdoor facility contains 196 covered dog kennels, 19 cat kennel, grassy lawns, and large exercise and play areas. With our exceptional customer service and passion for animals, you can be confident in leaving your dogs and cats with us. Our kennels will soon become your dog or cat’s favorite home away from home.

We will provide food and water bowls for all pets and litter boxes for cats. We can also provide food for $2.00 per day; however, it is recommended that you bring your own pet food in an air tight, rubber sealed container to ensure less digestive upset for your dog or cat. (Switching pet food can cause digestive irregularities and cause discomfort for your pet.) You’re also welcome to bring any bedding and non-cloth toys for your animal.

Dogs will go out twice each day to socialize, exercise, and play. If your dog doesn’t get along with others, they will get the chance to exercise individually. A caretaker is always outside supervising the dogs while they’re playing. *We do not Breed Discriminate*


As of 1 September 2015 we are now accepting reservations for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We can make reservations with drop off dates starting in September, October, and November.

As of 1 October2015 (we will open bright and early @ 0830 for deposits ONLY) we will be taking reservations for the Christmas Holiday. We suggest coming in to make reservations IN PERSON. Please allow yourself the morning to reserve this kennel as this is our busiest day of the year and many, many other people will be joining you in line on our “BLACK FRIDAY” of the year. We are a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE business. Voicemails and reservations over the phone do not guarantee a stay. It is when you pay your 2 NIGHT DEPOSIT with a VALID Government Identification that your reservation is guaranteed.   Many people start lining up before our hours of operation.    **Space is limited**

  • Please bring your valid Government ID and 2 night deposit.
  • Please bring any updated shot records for your pet(s) and any other paperwork you will need to reserve/get registered (Read further).
  • We recommend you bring a chair.
  • We are very sorry in advance for the parking situation. We will try to get you out and on your way as soon as possible.
  • Restrooms: one located at Animal quarantine Station and one at our facility.


  1. Active Duty Military and Dependent card holders
  2. Government and Military Retirees and Veterans with ID card holders
  3. Federal, DOD Civilian, and Government Contractors
  4. Local Law Enforcement and Department of Fire ID card holders
  5. Civilians with a SPONSOR who is in one of the above groups

*****100% ID CHECK******
Valid ID cards must be presented on all deposits made for reservations. No exceptions.


  • •Now accepting Visa or MasterCard at the facility; sorry we are not taking payments over the phone at this time.
  • •Payments for boarding are as follows: A two day deposit is required within five days of making a reservation. During your pets stay, we accept payments at anytime, but full payment is expected when picking up your pet(s). For extended stays (greater than two months), please contact the office to make monthly payments. Any stay greater than 30 nights will receive a 10% discount off the total cost.
  • At any time during your stay if you would like to pick up earlier than scheduled, you may do so without penalties. We only require payment for what use at the facility. We only ask to please let us know as soon as possible so that we can accommodate other reservations.
  • We are currently changing our pricing. Please give us a call at (808) 368-3456 for current prices.



We can provide grooming for your pets, including baths and brushing, at your request. Please schedule with the office.

  • Baths: If you provide the shampoo, $5.00 for small kennel dogs and $10.00 for large kennel dogs. If we provide the shampoo, $10.00 for small kennel dogs and $15.00 for large kennel dogs.
  • Brushing: $3.00 per brushing for any size pet.


  • The Family & MWR Pet Kennels require that all pets have the required vaccinations. Proofs of vaccinations are required with each reservation. Dogs and puppies must have adequate vaccinations Distemper (can be an annual or a three year vaccination depending on the pet’s age) and Bordetella also known as the kennel cough vaccination (required every six months). Since we are an outdoor facility, we highly recommend that your pet also be vaccinated against Leptospirosis. Cats and kittens must have adequate vaccinations for feline Distemper, FVRCP. We recommend additionally vaccinating your cat for FeLV.
  • All pets must be free of fleas, ticks, heartworm, and intestinal parasites.
  • Pets must be medicated to control external parasites with some kind of prescription strength product. Some acceptable products include: Frontline, Advantix, Revolution, Trifexis, NEX, Comboguard, sentinel, etc. Please ask your Doctor what is right for your pet in this environment. If your pet is not already on a flea and tick preventative, the product must have been applied 3 days before boarding your pet.
  • Pets are required to be on a monthly heartworm preventive (for example: Heartgard). Please ask your doctor what is right for your pet in this environment.
  • Pets must also be free from internal parasites. Please bring evidence of an annual fecal test.
  • If your animal requires medication, we can administer medications with the exception of injections.
  • ***IMPORTANT:     Any medication must be accompanied by the original packaging or container with proper label. We cannot accept a zip lock bag full of pills, vitamin, or anything else. If your pet is on a regiment of multiple medications and you normally use a “seven day pill organizer “ of some kind, feel free to provide that for us, but please also include the prescription bottles on the side so that if any questions arise, we can identify the medication as needed.


  • To reserve a kennel for your pet, call (808)368-3456. Please leave a voice message to include:
    • Your last name (please spell this for us)
    • The drop off/pick-up dates (this can be adjusted at any time as long as we have the space to accommodate)
    • The breed and approximate weight of your pet
    • The best phone number to reach you
      *Please allow an average of 24 hours to return your call; during peak seasons this may take longer*

  • The earliest that you can make reservations is 60 days prior to the month you would like to board (for example: beginning October 1st, we take reservations for any start date in December).
  • Within 5 days of making your reservation with the office representative, you must come to the facility in person to pay a two-day deposit to complete your reservation.
  • Note: Deposits can be refunded only if reservations are canceled 10 days prior to boarding date. At that time you will have 10 days to come to the facility and fill out a Refund Form. You will also need to bring a copy of the deposit receipt that was given to you at the time you paid your reservation deposit. Refunds come in the form of cashier’s checks only and can take up to 3 weeks through the mail. We can also credit the reservation for a future stay within 90 days. Please note that ANY credit is only good for the 90 days.
  • Boarding without reservations can be made if space is available.


  • We book only two months in advance, on the first. (For example: If you need a reservation starting 13June, please call our office and leave a voicemail on 01April or after.)
  • Then fill out the registration form to the best of your ability (many PCSing in will not have an address and that is fine),
  • We do not require you to pay any deposit. In lieu of this, we ask that you keep in touch with us via Voicemail to update us on the correct arrival date. Payment will be accepted from you in person at the facility anytime during your stay or upon departure.
  • Quarantine at the airport can easily get very busy and can easily hold you up for hours. If you cannot successfully check out your pet by 13:00 it is strongly advised to leave your pet at the airport with Animal Quarantine. That evening, they will transport your pet to the Animal Quarantine Station in Aiea, located at our SAME ADDRESS. You will then be able to pick up your pet the next morning between 08:00 and 10:00 or 13:00-15:00 and you can then follow signs to our facility located at the back of the Station’s Property.

*Again our facility’s customer service operation hours are strictly from 10:00-14:00 Monday-Sunday*

  • The Airport Quarantine office closes promptly at 17:00. They will not release pets that arrive after 16:30. They recommend that any pet that arrives 15:30 and later to allow the pet to stay with animal quarantine for the night simply because of how busy they are and the standard average amount of time it will take for you to get your pet released.

**If you check your pet out at the airport, they will not allow you to check them back in!**

  • When you arrive at our facility, you will need to provide an approved container to hold your pet’s food. If you already have a nice one in household goods, we recommend getting one of the approved kitchen Tupperware (please reference our photos) and just refill the container as often as you visit your pet.  
  • Most people keep the airline crate inside the kennel with their pet.
  • You are welcome to wash your pet yourself at anytime inside the kennel. There are two 100ft hoses on every kennel avenue. You may also request that we provide that service for you as needed for an additional fee.
  • Sometimes we have dog supply donations such as beds, towels and blankets. If you feel your pet may benefit from borrowing one of these items, please ask a caretaker for assistance and they will happily check our inventory.
  • Pet appointments before you PCS off the island: Health certificates, grooming, etc. Please try to schedule your appointments so that you can easily pick up/drop off of your pets between 10:00-14:00. If you have an early appointment, please schedule with the office an early pick up at 07:30 and return your pet any time between 10:00-14:00.


Many families board their pets at our facility for the Fourth of July because we are nestled between the hills North East of the H-3/ 201 freeways where you cannot see or hear the fireworks. The closest firework show is located at Hickam Air Force Base, approximately 5 miles away.

We are located in a NO FLOOD ZONE AREA. Each kennel is equipped with a shelter area and drainage system to remove excess water and to protect your pet from the wind and rain. Large trees and foliage are limited only to the outskirts of our property to protect the kennels from falling branches. A security guard is on standby 24/7 here at the kennels to contact us in case of an emergency. If you are away from the island while your pet is with us and are concerned, you may call us for updates on weather or request that your emergency on island contact remove your pet from our facility.


  • Family MWR Pet Kennel Registration Form - Fill it out and bring the form to the Pet Kennel for final registration.
  • Refund Form - For Refunds please fill out the top portion of the form, sign/date and email it back to us with a copy of receipt given at deposit date.Please provide Full Name, Full Address, Home/work phone #'s (Note; Do Not Provide SSN#) and state reason for canceling.


Family and MWR pet Kennels
99-951 Halawa Valley St. Aiea, HI 96701
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For reservations please call (808) 368-3456.
Email only your registrations, Pet vaccine records, Official Orders, and questions to (please no email reservations)

Hours of Operation
10:00am-2:00pm 7 days a week.
10:30-11:30am On Federal Holidays/Training Days. Open for pet visitations only