Commercial Sponsorship

Eric I. Knox
Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising Manager
USAG-HI, DFMWR, NSM, Marketing

U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii
350 Eastman Road, WAAF
Schofield Barracks, Hawaii 96857-5019

p. 808.656-3318
c. 907.699-9666

What is Army MWR Commercial Sponsorship Program?

Army MWR Commercial Sponsorship Program offers the opportunity to present your company's message in a variety of creative ways to our Army community.Army MWR sponsorship gives your business access to our Army community and help you build goodwill as well as brand recognition among this loyal and growing market. By partnering with Army Garrison Hawaii you're expanding our Army MWR programs, events and services to a greater audience. All activities and events operated by the Army Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR)organizations are eligible for sponsorship support.

Army MWR sponsorship is the financial or in-kind support of an Army MWR program or activity, used primarily to reach specified business goals. According to IEG's Complete Guide to Sponsorship, "Sponsorship should not be confused with advertising. Advertising is considered a quantitative medium, whereas sponsorship is considered a qualitative medium. It promotes a company in association with the sponsee." Army MWR sponsorship allows you to reach specifically targeted niche Army market.

Examples of Sponsorship:
Surveys, drawings, or contest Prize giveaways, Product sampling, Company logo on all print materials, Booth display at events (We provide tables, tents, chairs and electricity)

How much will I need to invest?

The amount and kind support you provide as well as the opportunities offered to you are negotiable and are based on fair and equitable exchange of values. Sponsorship investment varies by events, as does the amount and type of exposure you receive. Your sponsorship may be in the form of cash,products or services, or combination of all three. Sponsorship is NOT charitable donation. We will do our part to ensure you receive the value you desire from your investment in Army MWR. Our goal in every sponsor relationship is win-win!


Why should your company be interested in Army MWR sponsorship?

It offers significant opportunities for distinct marketing and competitive advantages, as well as showing support for our troops.

Why sponsor Army MWR events?

Army MWR Sponsorship offers the possibility of achieving several goals at once. A company can benefit from an Army MWR sponsorship in many ways, such as:

Enhancing Image/Shaping Army Attitudes
Often companies are looking to improve how they are perceived by their target audience. Sponsoring Army MWR events that appeal to their market are likely to shape buying attitudes and help generate a positive reaction.

Driving Sales
Army MWR Sponsorship is geared to driving sales can be an extremely potent promotional tool. This objective allows sponsors to showcase their product attributes to our Army community. Creating positive publicity/heightening visibility Every Army MWR sponsor is seeking wide exposure and positive publicity, thus creating heightened visibility of products/services. Army MWR event sponsorships can often generate media coverage that might otherwise not have been available.

Differentiating from competitors
The mere act of sponsoring an Army MWR event, especially an exclusive Army MWR sponsorship, is a significant way to create competitor differentiation. Your company name has the opportunity to stand out head and shoulders above the competition.

Helping with good "Corporate Citizen" role
Another powerful Army MWR sponsorship objective allows companies to be viewed as a "Army Supporter". Supporting the Army community and contributing to its morale, welfare and recreation development is extremely powerful and creates enormous goodwill.

Enhancing business, consumer and VIP relations
Army MWR Sponsorships offer hospitality opportunities is always very attractive to companies. Perks may include special exclusive networking events, such as VIP receptions or golf tournaments - opportunities to meet key Army senior leaders and solidify business relationships with our Army community.