CYS Services Mission Statement

America’s Future Starts Here

To provide a seamless delivery of quality care and services for eligible children and youth (4weeks through 18 years of age) which enhance military readiness and reduce conflicts between mission readiness and parental responsibility.

CYS Services programs and facilities create a warm, happy, safe, and healthy place for children and youth. The programs reflect knowledge and understanding of the growth and development of children. Programs are both age and individually appropriate; that is, the program is designed for the age group served and is implemented with attention to the needs of the individual child enrolled. The programs are designed to provide experi-ences that enhance and support the physical, emotional, social, cognitive, creative and positive character development of each child/youth while responding to the unique needs of Army Families.

Program Goals
CYS Services is committed to ensuring a high quality, affordable, available, accountable and developmentally appropriate program by:

  • Providing a safe, caring, and healthy learning environment.
  • Helping children/youth develop constructive, thoughtful and creative qualities in order to become diligent and caring people.
  • Providing opportunities for children / youth to experience success and failure without criticism.
  • Encouraging children / youth to develop and sustain positive relation-ships with others.
  • Enhancing children’s / youth’s understanding and use of language, and knowledge of the world around them.
  • Promoting children’s physical development and skills through move-ment experiences.
  • Providing children / youth with positive social experiences and role models.
  • Being aware of each child’s / youth’s abilities, needs, cultural back-grounds, while respecting and nurturing individuality.

Youth Services Coordinator
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