Outdoor Recreation Current Programs

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  • Bouldering (Climbing) - Come learn the basic technique and skills to be safe, overcome any 'route,' and improve your overall climbing abilities. Ages 10-99 Schofield Barracks Health and Fitness Center. $15
  • Stand up Paddleboard Lessons – Learn to stand-up paddleboard. The latest craze! We provide both epoxy and inflatable SUP’s. Age: 10-99. Pokai Bay or Haleiwa $59
  • Surfing Lessons – Learn to surf like the pros… or at least look the part. Age: 10-99. White Plains Beach $59
  • Adventure Kayaking/Kayak Fishing – Half day of adventurous kayaking off various beaches around the island. Available in three skill levels as well as kayak fishing. Age: 10-99. Around the island $59
  • Kayak Surfing – Experience the adrenaline rush of riding a wave sitting down on in a specially formed kayak for the rush. Age: 10-99. White Plains Beach. $59
  • OC-1/2 Adventure – Receive instruction on one of the most popular sports on the island. Learn to Hawaiian canoe in the light-weight single and double on the open ocean. Age: 10-99. Various locations. $59
  • Adventure Biking/ Mtn. Biking – Find the great beach locations along the scenic North Shore bike path. A mild biking activity for all ages or you can challenge yourself while biking through the Waianae and Koolau mountain ranges. Beginner and advanced levels available. $25 when you bring your own bike or $30 to use one of ours. Age: 10-99. Various locations.
  • Adventure Hiking – Full day hiking to various locations around the island. Two skill levels available. Age: 10-99. Various locations. $20
  • Shoreline/Fresh Water Fishing – Spend a full day or evening, fishing in various areas around the island. Bring your own gear or checkout some of ours. A guaranteed good time fishing Hawaiian style. Age: 10-99. Various locations. $30
  • Hawaiian Canoe Paddling - A brief history of outrigger canoes in the Hawaiian culture along with instruction. Skilled paddlers in each canoe assist and support our guests. Age: 10-99. Various locations. $59
  • Snorkeling – (Limited to EDGE/Home School) Spend time with the dolphins and enjoy a view of the underwater world from the surface. All snorkel gear provided. Various locations. Guest Snorkel programs are coordinated through Island Divers.
  • Reball– reusable, synthetic, paint-less paintball. Play as an individual or on a team. All fun-no hassle. All gear available for rent. 
  • Custom Hike, Bike, Kayak, SUP, and Surf programs - may be created with as few as 6 personnel. Great for Families, PT or Org. Days. Get with the Outdoor Rec. Team to coordinate one for your group.
  • Fishing/family Camps – Enjoy an entire weekend of fishing instruction from three different platforms or spend the time enjoying all the local water sports while camping on the beach. Meals provided. Age: 10-99/All ages.

Prices are subject to change without notice.