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Babysitting/CPR Class

Is your 12-18 year old interested in babysitting? SKIES Unlimited offers a Baby-sitting and CPR/First Aid Class. The Baby- sitting course will be offered on the 1st & 2nd Wednesday of the month. After completion of the Baby-Sitting course, you may enroll in the CPR/First Aid course offered on the 3rd & 4th Wednesday of the month. CPR class program fee is $20.00. Participants must attend both sessions to receive a certificate of completion.   After class completion, 13 years and over students can be added to our super-sitter referral list. Participants must be registered with CYS Services. Classes are held at the Schofield Youth Center and the Aliamanu School Age Center’s


$35.00 per month

  • Babies in Motion: Parent assisted class where babies can better develop essential gross motor skills through movement activities, creative play, and visual and auditory stimulation. We will sing and move along to music and nursery rhymes, expose baby to basic letter and number recognition, and encourage muscle development through action. Ages 6-23 months. (45 Minute sessions)
  • 2 year old Rhythm & Motion: This pre-dance class introduces toddlers to the world of dance through movement, music, and structured activities that enhance both gross and fine motor skills. We sing, dance, and explore rhythm through familiar songs while gently introducing fundamental ballet positions in terminology that a toddler can understand. Elemental arm and feet positions are intertwined with fun movement activities in order to produce familiarity. Parent assisted. Ages 24-35 months. May stay in class at 3 years old upon instructor recommendation. “Ballet” attire (leotard, tights, skirt, ballet slippers) is recommended, but not required. Comfy clothes and bare feet are perfectly acceptable as well. (45 Minute Sessions)
  • 3-5 year old Beginner Ballet/Tap Combo: An introduction to the basic fundamentals of ballet and tap dance. Primary ballet terms and positions are presented and reinforced each week in a fun, yet structured setting. Creative dance is nurtured; as well as proper body alignment, posture and balance. Tap skills focus on coordination, rhythm, and clarity of sounds. This basis is necessary in order to advance to more intricate skills. Students may stay at this class level anywhere from one to nine months, depending on age, physical capacity and mature understanding of concepts. *See note below. (1 hour sessions)
  • 3-5 year old Intermediate Ballet/Tap Combo: This class builds upon the basic ballet and tap skills introduced at the beginner level. Ballet includes an introduction to barre work, center floor combinations, and proper turning technique. Tap involves more advanced steps and combinations across the floor. Instructor permission required. *See note below. (1 Hour Sessions)
  • 6-9 year old Beginner Ballet/Tap Combo: An introduction to the basic fundamentals of ballet and tap dance, along with a bit of jazz technique when time allows. Primary arm and foot positions are introduced and proper technique for basic turns, jumps and leaps are established for ballet. Basic tap steps are introduced with an emphasis on rhythm, musicality, and coordination. Students may stay at this class level anywhere from one to nine months, depending on age, physical capacity, and mature understanding of concepts. *See note below. (1 Hour Sessions)
  • 6-10 year old Intermediate Ballet/Tap Combo: A continuation of concepts presented at the beginner level. Essential ballet positions and movements are reinforced and refined. Tap vocabulary is expanded with an emphasis on rhythm and increased speed. An introduction to jazz dance is continued when time allows. Instructor permission required. *See note below. (1 Hour Sessions)
  • 11-18 year old Ballet/Tap Combo (All levels): The basic fundamentals of ballet and tap dance, along with a bit of jazz technique when time allows, are covered in this class. The pace of the class varies based upon the experience level and capability of the students enrolled. Students will move on to more advanced concepts when they are both physically and intellectually ready to do so. A higher level of discipline and maturity is expected with the advanced age of these students. *See note below. (1 Hour Sessions)
  • 6-10 year old Home School Dance Combo: The basic fundamentals of ballet and tap dance, along with a bit of jazz technique when time allows, are covered in this class. The pace of the class varies based upon the experience level and capability of the students enrolled. Students will move on to more advanced concepts when they are both physically and intellectually ready to do so. The love and appreciation of dance and music is cultivated through creative movement and expression, as well as through the understanding of elemental dance technique. *See note below. (1 Hour Sessions)
  • 11-18 Pointe: Introduction to basic pointe work and technique. Course materials will progress as students’ skill level progresses. Enrollment with instructor permission only. No exceptions. Students must be duel enrolled in Ballet (8:00am Ballet)(1.25 hour session)
  • *For all Combo Dance classes: Ballet and tap shoes required. Please see handout on how to properly tie ballet shoes. Tap shoes may fit better with a pair of light socks. Leotard and tights (any color) recommended. Hair should be pulled back from the face in order to minimize distraction. Parent observation is from outside the studio only unless otherwise approved by the instructor. All new students should enroll in the Beginner level class, regardless of past experience. Instructors will assess students and deem if higher level placement is appropriate.
  • Hip-Hop: An explosive, funky dance style that combines memory, coordination, rhythm, and lots of energy! The class will incorporate strength building and flexibility into floor progressions and fun choreography combinations. Through fast paced rhythms and movement exercise. Students will get an awesome workout without even realizing it! Skills are appropriate to the three age categories offered: 5-7 years, 8-10 years, 11-18 years. Comfortable clothing and clean sneakers or socks may be worn. (1 Hour Sessions)
  • 5-18 The Art of Middle Eastern Dance: Students learn the basic elements and combinations of Middle Eastern Dance, emphasizing the isolation of hips, stomach and chest. The music during the class ranges from traditional belly dance and drums, Latin and R & B. Benefits to the class are better awareness of the body, flexibility, and confidence. (1 hour session)
  • 10-18 year old Social/Ballroom Dance: An introduction to American ballroom and Latin dance styles. The class will cover the basic principles of waltz, swing, cha-cha, tango, and more. Styles will rotate every few weeks to keep the class fresh and upbeat. Students gain confidence in their skills in order to feel comfortable in social settings. Comfortable clothes and socks should be worn. If you are interested in purchasing shoes, please see instructor for recommendation. (1 hour session)
  • 10-18 year old Ballroom Performance Class: Preparation class for our semi-annual dance performances. Dancers will learn and rehearse a choreographed dance in one particular style and specialize in performance technique. Dual registration in Social/Ballroom Dance is required.
    • All SKIES Dance classes are appropriate for both male and female students.
    • All class registration is month-to-month. You may register for multiple months at once. Yearly CYSS registration must be current.
    • We have spring (Jan-Apr), summer (May-Jul), and fall/winter (Aug-Nov) “sessions” in order to accommodate performance preparation. Students must be registered Feb-Apr for spring performance and Sept-Nov for winter performance.
    • Dance classes are not held in December.



$35.00 per month, for 4 sessions
Hawaiian dance and culture, students will learn a little about the language and instruments.

Suggested attire: Hula skirt (material not grass) or a pareo/sarong. Otherwise, comfortable shorts and t-shirt. Hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun.

  • Hula Babies (3-4 years): Pua Lokelani

Hula students in this class learn to move and pantomime using proper technique. Develop the age-appropriate Hula steps, hand motions, and sing-along songs that encompasse the Hawaiian culture and values. (45 Minute Sessions)

  • Hula Novice (5-18 years): Pua Melia

Hula students in this class are taught to understand and learn the Hula basics and some Hawaiian language by command. The average is at least 1 song learned per month. (45 Minute Sessions)

  • Hula Intermediate (5-18 years): Pua Lehua

This is the second level into Hula from the Novice class. Your child can only be personally invited to join this class by the Instructor. They will have exemplified the ability to learn in a fast paced environment, self directed, and skilled in Hula basics. Your child will develop a higher understanding of all that Hula encompasses. The average is at least 1-2 songs learned per month. (45 Minute Sessions)

  • Hula Advanced (10-18 years): Pua 'Ilima

This is the third level into Hula from the Intermediate class. Your child can only be personally invited to join this class by the Instructor. Your child has already encompassed proper Hula etiquette along with a strong sense of Hawaiian culture and values. Proficient in Hula basics, comprehends Hula songs, and capable of a solo performance. Introduction into Hawaiian chant. Average songs are at least 2-3 songs learned per month.

**Spring and Winter Recitals are optional, separate costume fees will apply.
**Classes offered on Wednesday at Schofield & Saturday at AMR SKIES Studios


$55.00 per month, for 4 sessions

(18M-6 years: 45 minute sessions) (7-18 years: 1 hour sessions)


  • ·Languages offered Japanese, Spanish & Korean
  • Classes for Toddlers: Our Toddler classes are designed for children from 18 months to 4 years. Teachers plan interactive lessons that include songs, stories, and maximum exposure to the target language as spoken by a native speaker. Infants and toddlers interact with various materials that help them to become familiar with the language while enhancing brain growth and sensory development.
  • Classes for K- Elementary School Children to High School Students: These classes are for children ages 5 through 18. Children engage with the teacher and each other while singing songs, playing games, and participating in a variety of arts and crafts activities. In these classes children are also introduced to basic reading and writing skills. 


$55.00 per month, for 4 sessions


  • Modern Dance: Modern dance is an art form that evolves from the natural ability that the individual has to move by his/her motivation and inspiration by music, rhythm, and creativity.   Modern dance requires technique, body placement conditioning, flexibility, and performance skills. In this class the child learns to dance through modern movements inspired by creativity, music, and body forms of expression through movement. ( 1 hour sessions)

**Extra Waiver form required**
Uniform: Dance Movement Academy Uniform, can be ordered through instructor

  • DANCE FOR FOCUS: An Alternate movement class that incorporates elements of speech and behavioral therapy with dance to promote social skills development, communication, body awareness, and sustained attention.In this class, the child learns to apply movement to channel his/ her energy into expressive movements. (1 hour sessions)
  • TUMBLING CLASS: The amazing sport of gymnastics helps children to build a strong foundation of coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance.  Tumbling is the core element in gymnastics.   In this class the child learns body control and progressive skills to his or her potentials.

(45 Minute sessions for 18mos-3yrs) (1 Hour sessions for 4-18yrs)

  • **Extra Waiver form required**
    Uniform: Girls: Gym Leotard of your choice Boys: Athletic shorts, white T-shirt ** Classes held at Schofield and Aliamanu (AMR) SKIES Studios


$55 per month, for 4 sessions

Multiple days and times offered at Schofield and Tripler Army Medical center

The benefits of tennis include more than just a healthy and fun way to exercise, but also a way to enhance the mind and spirit though discipline and camaraderie on and off the court.

Course Description and Purpose: Designed to teach the basic fundamentals of tennis to the student to increase the student’s appreciation of the game’s value as a lifelong, leisure-time activity. Mastery of these skills will enable the student to progress to another level of tennis.  (1 Hour sessions for 4-18yrs)

Course Objectives: By the end of this course, the students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate appreciation of tennis as a valuable and lifelong activity that can be used for physical fitness;
  2. Demonstrate good fundamental skills at the beginning level;
  3. Discuss and demonstrate (or exemplify) the rules of tennis, including basic offensive and defensive strategy, and game etiquette;
  4. Demonstrate an increase in flexibility, balance, and endurance for incorporating the basic techniques of stretching and conditioning;
  5. Formulate opportunities for good competition through organized events and tournaments.

$35.00 per month, for 4 sessions

  • Theatre 1 (ages 6-9): Basic acting skills and terminology, including but not limited to improvisation, pantomime, monologues, and scenes. During a show, this serves as the rehearsal time for the younger ensemble and featured roles. (1 hour sessions)
  • Theatre 2 (ages 10-18): Beginner-Advanced acting skills and terminology, at the individual's pace, including but not limited to improvisation, pantomime, monologues, and scenes. During a show, this serves as the rehearsal time for the older principal roles and older ensemble and featured roles. (1 hour sessions)

** Class times will depend on your role for the theatre production. Be available between
3:30-5:30pm when preparing for the next theatre production.

** Costume fees are separate and based on your selected role



Readers Theatre:

Course Cost $35 per month for 1 hour per week for 4 classes, Grades 2-4, 5-8, 9-12.

Students will read and discuss a variety of plays across an array of themes, ranging from historical biographies to classic fiction and modern stories. Reader’s theater helps students find a creative outlet to express themselves while working on language skills, reading comprehension skills, and reading fluency.


More to Math: Powered by Lego Education!

Course Cost $35 per month for 1 hour per week for 4 classes, Grades 1-2.

Who says you can’t make learning math fun? More to Math helps make confusing, abstract math concepts more approachable for younger students. By engaging in enjoyable Lego based lessons, they learn problem solving skills, math concepts, and how to work in teams all through math-rich lessons. This is a great way to boost your child’s confidence in math and enthusiasm for math class! This is best for 1st and 2nd grade students. This curriculum is aligned with Common Core STEM Curriculum.


Homework Help :

Course Cost $35 per month for 1 hour per week for 4 classes, Grades K-8. Students will receive help with homework as well as time management and organizational skills, as they will learn how to identify urgent versus important homework. They'll leave each session with a checklist of what they completed and what they still need to accomplish.


Science Fun:

Course Cost $35 per month for 1 hour per week for 4 classes, Grades 3-5.

Helps to get students excited to learn about how things are made! These lessons include fun and enriching experiments, hands on activities, and discussion that will have your student wanting to learn about science.

Drivers Ed 101

Hawaii State law requires all persons under the age of 18 years to take and pass a licensed and certified Drivers Educational Program.   They must present student completion certificates in both classroom and behind-the- wheel training from a state licensed and certified instructor prior to scheduling a road test. The program consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction with a state certified instructor. Each student must also complete 50 hours (40 daytime hours and 10 night hours) with a parent/guardian or licensed driver over the age of 21 years old. At Driver’s Ed 101, all instructors are licensed with the State of Hawaii to teach both classroom and behind- the- Wheel. Students will learn highway and freeway driving, safe lane changes, proper use of mirror, how to navigate intersections, parking, and much more. Classes are held off post at 94-1220 Lumikula St, Waipahu- Crestview Community Park.

Enroll for courses through Child Youth and School Services.   Course fee $370.00.

Schofield Barracks- 241 Hewitt Street #655-8380 or AMR 154 Kauhini Road -#833-5393.

First Day of each session registration is 4:45 to 5:00pm with a mandatory parent/ student orientation from 5:00-5:30pm. Class the first night is 5:30-7:30pm. All other classes are 5:00-7:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.



$55.00 per month, for 4 sessions

Mini Mozart

Mini-Mozarts is designed to create an active interest and appreciation in music for young beginners while providing the student with a solid foundation for more advanced music education. Children at the ages of four and five absorb and retain sounds better than at any other time in their lives, which makes it the perfect time to start music lessons. These in-class musical experiences will encourage creativity, discipline, music appreciation, and help instill the basis for playing and expression through feeling and understanding music. Ages 3.5-6, parent assisted program (30 minute sessions)


Keyboarding is a great alternative to traditional piano methods that assume every student wants to be a classical pianist. Students learn note reading, chord theory and improvisation, while playing music ranging from Bach to Rock. Intro To Keyboard utilizes the latest multi-media technology to create a new learning experience for piano students that teaches basic piano skills, music theory, and makes playing fun. Students will not only learn how to read music, but also how to create their own original compositions. Ages 7-18 Students will be provided a keyboard in class. Must have access to a keyboard to practice at home. (45 minute sessions)



Guitar-Intro To Guitar will introduce students to basic rhythm and strumming patterns. Students will also learn basic reading of tablature and rhythm notation, as well as beginning chord theory. In an ensemble atmosphere, students will gain a keen sense for harmony, tempo and dynamics.   Students play along with pre-recorded backing tracks as the instructor walks thru song form and demonstrates required playing techniques at the same time lyrics, chords and tablature are laid out.   Ages 7-18   BASS Students must bring their guitar to class; if electric they do not bring their amp, just their cord

(45 Minute Sessions)



Drum- Beginning drum students will start with concepts that include - how to hold sticks, keeping tempo, counting beats, understanding rhythm patterns, snare drum rudiments, hi-hat and cymbal techniques. Students are also introduced to important musical concepts that will preparing them for their roles "the drummer" in a band. These concepts include - dynamics, playing with feel/groove, and song from. Drums is designed for anyone who wants to play drums in a band. Students will explore topics such as finding the” pocket”, building a “groove”, fill-ins, soloing, and the art of practice. Ages 7-18. Students must bring their own drum sticks.

(45 Minute Sessions)


Vocal- Introduces students to voice placement, breathing techniques, vocal texture musical interpretation, vocal styling, matching body movements to lyrics, and microphone technique.


Rock School

Rock School was created with the understanding that for a student to have the most enjoyable and rewarding musical experience, they must do more than just take lessons and practice. At Rock School we have made performing live in your own rock band a reality. When we say live in concert, we mean it. Rock School students get to play live on stage with a professional sound system and real lights for a real audience.

If given the choice, it makes sense that a student would want to play the music they love and actually listen to, not music that they have no interest in. Rock School covers all types of “popular” music - Rock, Pop, Country, Hard Rock, Alternative, R&B, Hip Hop, and more… Rock School students remain passionate about their music by playing contemporary repertoire. As a result, they are motivated to practice and keep expanding their skills as a musician. Ages 7-18 (45 minute sessions)



Lil Ninjas

$35.00 per month, for 4 sessions

All little ninjas, uniforms are not required, students should wear shorts and t-shirt. Tae Kwon Do based class geared for preschool aged children between 3-5 years old. We focus on developing motor skills, physical fitness, broadening the attention span, and developing the discipline and maturity necessary to participate in a martial arts class for older children and adults. We take basic, beginner level TKD techniques and blend them with fun interactive games to enhance these areas. The most important skill a child can acquire here is learning to listen.   (45 minute sessions) Uniform $40.00


TAEKWONDO (meets twice a week)

$35.00 per month, for 4 sessions

Taekwondo is the martial art and national sport of Korea. The literal translation of Tae kwon do is the fighting art or way of the foot and hand. It is one of the most popular martial arts in the world, as well as an Olympic Sport. It is best known for its dynamic kicking.

The style of Tae Kwon Do being taught here is I.T.F. (International Tae Kwon Do Federation).

Through Taekwondo young people will build confidence, alertness, discipline and maturity, as well as physical fitness and the ability to defend themselves if necessary. Students here will develop a deep sense of respect for themselves and others. TKD practitioners also have a better learning experience in school due to an increased ability to focus, and tend to have better relationships with siblings, parents and friends. (45 Minute Sessions)

Tae Kwon Do- Belt testing is an additional cost not included in monthly fee. Parents may get prices from the instructor

UNIFORM   Taekwondo $35.00