Fees, Charges and Discounts


Fees are set according to Department of Defense (DoD) policy. Fees may be higher in Hawaii than your previous post. USAG-HI uses the High Cost Fee Structure. Fees are based on total family income (TFI) in a sliding scale per DoD policy.

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A multiple child reduction (MCR) discount will be given to families when more than one child is enrolled in regularly scheduled child care programs. MCRs are not applied to Hourly Care, SKIES Unlimited fees or School Age occasional user fee.

Team Sports Multiple Child Reduction (TSMCR) Discount. 
This will be given to a family with multiple children (after the first) participating in the same team sport (i.e., the first child pays the full fee, remaining children receive MCR discount).

Parent Participation Discount (PPD)
Parents may earn a fee reduction for participating in CYS Services Programs.

Coaches Discounts
This discount is paid at the end of the season and does not apply to the uniform cost. This discount is based on the category of the sport that is being coached.

Hardship Cases
Patrons facing long or short term financial difficulties that effect their ability to meet established child care fees or payment schedules may request evaluation as a hardship case in writing. Such cases must be evaluated by a community financial planning services (such as Army Community Service). Financial Hardship reductions must be re-evaluated at least every six months. Families needing assistance with fees must request this exception to policy with a written request and supporting documentation through the soldier's chain of command to the program director. The program director will then pass it through the chain of command for a decision by the Garrison Commander's designee.

Termination of Services
If full payment for the month is not received by the last working day of the month, services will be terminated unless a command approved financial hardship waiver is completed.

Tax Receipts
Tax receipts are provided at the end of the year.