HIRED! Apprenticeship Program


The HIRED! Apprenticeship Program is offered through Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS) and designed to meet the workforce-preparation and secondary-education exploration needs of eligible 15-18 year-old youth.

High School Students who are accepted into the HIRED! Apprenticeship Program are placed in a twelve-week-long HIRED! Apprenticeship Positions at Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) operations in the U.S. Army Garrison - Hawaii. These 12-week-long positions serve as exploratory work experiences under the guidance of a dedicated on-site mentor – hence the use of the name “apprenticeship.” 

HIRED! Apprenticeship Terms are purposely aligned with specific career paths designed to pave the way into college or higher education. Apprenticeships provide exploratory work experiences and help participants determine if certain career paths are viable choices for their future.

The HIRED! Apprenticeship Program is offered a total of 48 weeks per calendar year. Apprentices must commit to fifteen (15) hours within a seven (7)-day period for a total of 180 hours per HIRED! Apprenticeship Term.

HIRED! Apprenticeship Positions are designed to ensure apprentices receive valuable hands-on work experience and training, preparing youth intellectually, technically, culturally, ethically, and socially for the demands and opportunities of a highly competitive job market.

For more information please contact your youth's center.

  • Schofield Barracks - 655-0451
  • AMR - 833-0920
  • Fort Shafter - 438-1487