Army Hawaii Youth Sponsorship


ALOHA! Are you and your family planning on moving to Hawaii soon?  Or, have you just arrived at your new home here on Oahu and want to learn more about what’s available on the island?  The Army Hawaii Youth Sponsorship Program will provide you the necessary information and tools to help you cope with your transition to paradise.  Our goal is to provide consistent and predictable services to eligible children and youth living on and off post, regardless of their geographic proximity to an Army installation.

Aloha Military Kids

Aloha Military Kids from BGCH Media on Vimeo.

The Hawaii Youth Sponsorship Program is comprised of two elements:  Youth Sponsors and Youth Sponsorship Clubs.

Youth Sponsors 
Helps with the relocation of youth so that they can become more familiar with their new home in Hawaii.  Sponsors are matched to youth according to their gender, age, and interests.  The sponsor escorts incoming youth around the post, school area, and to Child, Youth & School Services (CYS Services) facilities and events.  Newcomers can find a matching sponsor by filling out a Youth Sponsorship
Request Form

Youth Sponsorship Clubs

Located in School Age Centers or Teen Centers and focus on relocation support and the life transitions that military-connected children and youth often encounter, while offering programs specifically tailored to the needs and interests of children and youth in specific age groups.
If you need more information regarding the Youth Sponsorship Program please contact us at...

School Liaison Office
241 Hewitt Street, Building 1283
Schofield Barracks, HI  96857-5019

(808) 655-8326