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US Army Volunteer Corps


The Army Volunteer Corps is a result of recommendations made by members of the Army Volunteer Summit in September 2002 to revitalize volunteerism in Army communities.

The AVC is not a new bureaucracy. It is a new way of thinking about volunteerism in the Army using existing resources. The AVC embraces existing volunteer programs, unites all volunteers who support Soldiers and Families and formalizes the Army's commitment to volunteerism.

The AVC is a framework to connect volunteers to the Army in addition to the organization in which they give their service. Whether you are a family readiness group volunteer in the National Guard, or an Army Family Team Building volunteer in the U.S. Army Reserve, or a Thrift Shop or chapel volunteer on an installation you are part of the Army Volunteer Corps. The AVC will respect the autonomy of individual programs, organizations and military units that utilize volunteers even as it links together Army volunteers throughout the community. The Army Volunteer Corps concept embraces teamwork and unity as Army volunteers, while recognizing the individual strengths and contributions of both the volunteers and the organizations with whom they serve.

As the Army transforms itself, it must transform its volunteer programs to meet emerging needs, provide a professional approach to volunteer management and find new ways to engage volunteers that accommodate their ever-changing family and work demands. The AVC emblem above will serve as the corporate brand of the Army Volunteer Corps and will represent all volunteers who serve Soldiers and Families regardless of their organizational affiliation. The AVC will facilitate simultaneous coordination of volunteer efforts across organizations and promote greater ability to adapt to change while creating cohesion across the Army communities of the Active Force, National Guard, and Army Reserve.

Volunteer CeremonyThere will be exciting initiatives for volunteers in the coming months such as personal tracking of volunteer and paid work experience through, online volunteer management training, online volunteer registration, certification for volunteers and paid staff who manage volunteers in addition to partnerships with national volunteer organizations.

Thank you for being an Army volunteer!

The benefits of volunteering are as individual as the people who volunteer. Reasons why people volunteer range from enjoying the feeling of accomplishment to learning a new skill or maintaining proficiency in a skill. Others know the benefits of the socialization and community involvement that go along with the flexibility a full time job does not offer.

It would be difficult for many of our Army family programs to offer the variety and quality program without the volunteers who devote their time and talents. The listing of positions available will provide you with an idea as to whether or not you would be interested in volunteering.

You hold the key to your personal success and to the success of the Army Volunteer Corps. VOLUNTEER TODAY!


Quarterly Na Koa Awards

October 24, 2016
Nehelani Conference & Banquet Center

This year marks a new tradition for recognizing one of our most valuable assets to the Army: our Army Volunteers.  Starting this fiscal year, we will honor our Volunteers through the "Na Koa Awards".  The symbol of "Na Koa" meaning "the warriors” is used because of our shared ties and roots to our Hawaiian heritage. 

  • This is an elite award for USARHAW Volunteers who go above and beyond in their volunteer service.
  • The award is progressive; Volunteers who have provided 300 or more hours since 1 January 2014, as documented in the Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS), and meet the necessary criteria may be nominated for the Na Koa Award for Volunteer Service.
  • Please see the USARHAW Na Koa Award SOP document (Annex A) for further details
  • Use the USARHAW Na Koa Nomination Form (Annex F) to nominate your eligible Volunteers


VIMIS-broVolunteering is a great opportunity to meet new, interesting people and a rewarding way to give back to your community. The Army Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) provides tools to manage volunteer activities in your military community.

Click to View VMIS Guide

This guide will show you how to register as a volunteer, locate an Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator (AVCC), search and apply for volunteer opportunities, and enter your volunteer hours.


Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)

AFAP is input from the people of the Army to Army leadership. It is a process that lets Soldiers, Families and DA Civilians say what's working and what isn't and what they think will fix it. It alerts commanders and leaders to areas of concern that need their attention.


Army Family Team Building (AFTB)

Army Family Team Building Hawaii is a volunteer-led organization that strives to educate and encourage Service Members, Military Families and DA/DOD Civilians to become active participants and leaders in their community. Volunteers present specialized training to empower individuals to maximize their personal growth, leadership development and resiliency, preparing our community to support today’s military mission.