Army Family Action Plan

AFAP-logobThe Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is one of the Army's most effective tools in managing change and improving the well-being of all who work and support the US Army - Soldiers (all components), Family members, retirees, and DA Civilians.

What can start out as a concern for one Soldier or Family member, can shape the future of our Army and our Sister Services; 61% of all active AFAP issues will impact all the Services. To date, 695 issues have been identified. AFAP has driven 128 legislative changes, 184 Army policy and regulatory changes and 210 improved programs and services. The AFAP mission is simple; help Army leaders address the needs and concerns of the total Army Family. How does it work; the program enlists representatives from around the world to identify and prioritize issues that will improve the standard of living in the Army. This feedback to leaders results in policy changes that become tangible end-products at garrisons across the Army. AFAP beneficiaries include Soldiers (all components), retirees, Department of Army civilian employees and all their Family members.

AFAP is the ultimate opportunity for you to get your voice heard and make a difference for Families Army-wide. Your involvement can make a tremendous difference. If you would like to support the process, submit your quality of life issues on-line, in person at any of our ACS Centers or via fax at (808) 438-0942. For more information on this program, call (808) 438-4227.

The dates for the AFAP Conference being held in 2015 will be announced at a later date.


Check out how Army Family Action Plan has impacted your quality of life. Go to and select Army Family Action Plan under the Family Programs and Services tab to view issues that have been submitted, resolved, remain open or have been closed .