Financial Management

Financial Readiness Your Financial Readiness Team offers a wide range of services to assist Soldiers and their Families with financial affairs. Emphasis is placed upon the training portion of the program designed to educate Soldiers and spouses in money management, proper use of credit, financial planning, deployment, transition and relocation, credit improvement, investment information, and check writing principles. Our goal is to help Families prevent financial difficulties before they arise and prepare them for their financial future. 

Accredited Financial Counselors
Accredited Financial Counselors (AFC) are available to teach financial classes and help Soldiers and their spouses in all areas of financial readiness to include:

  • Establish budgets
  • Work with creditors
  • File consumer complaints
  • Gather information on local consumer laws
  • Empower Soldiers and Family members to make sound financial decisions

Army Emergency Relief

Army Emergency Relief (AER)
AER can help active duty Soldiers and their dependents, ARNG, and USAR Soldiers on Title 10 orders for 30 days or more and their dependents, retirees and their dependents, and surviving spouses and orphans of Soldiers who died while on active duty or while retired. This assistance is usually in the form of interest-free loans. Grants are always given to survivors, but for others it’s based on individual extenuating circumstance.

AER Command Referral Program (Form 600)
Under this program, Commanders and 1SGs can approve up to $1,500 for authorized categories of assistance. Authorized categories relate to basic living expenses, POV repair, emergency travel & funeral expenses.

Form 600 - Procedures: All Commander Referral AER requests will be turned into Army Community Service (ACS), Schofield Barracks, Bldg 2091, between 0730-1630, M-F. All requests will be available for pickup between the hours of 1330 - 1500 the following duty day.

AER Financial Assistance (Form 700)
This application has no dollar limit and may be used for grants and exceptions to policy. It requires an appointment with the AER Officer for budget and documentation review. Appointments are made at the ACS front desk when the form is completed and supporting documentation is attached to include detailed budget.  For more information contact 655-4ACS.

AER Scholarship Program
AER has a secondary mission of providing scholarships to eligible dependent children & spouses. This application comes on line in January of each year. For more information see education link at

ACS Financial Readiness Appointment Checklist
Your Financial Wellness is important to the ACS Financial Readiness Team. To ensure you have a productive appointment a checklist has been developed to better serve you. View Checklist

First Termer Financial Workshop
This workshop is a DA mandated training for all Soldiers (E1-E4) on their first PCS move within 3 months of arriving to Hawaii. This training provides junior Soldiers with valuable financial tools. Topics include: budgeting, savings, car buying, building credit, avoiding scams and investing. Classes are offered every Monday except Federal Holidays from 0830-1630 at the ACS Building (BLDG 2091). Soldiers need to bring their latest end of month LES with them to the class. For more information, please download our First Termer Flyer.


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